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Three Wheelers have become quite an essential mode of transport within India, both in the cities and outskirts. Their ability to move fast through high traffic and the comfort of travelling in comparison to crowded buses have made them a popular mode of transport amongst daily commuters.

You can always count on SF Autorider Series Three wheeler batteries to deliver the best quality performance, trip after trip which is why they are the best choice for 3 Wheelers. Designed to suit Indian conditions these 3 wheeler batteries are paramount.

E-Rickshaw or Electric Rickshaw currently comprise of nearly 83% of the India electric vehicle market. This environment friendly new age revolutionary vehicle is just what the Indian roads need for a pollution free atmosphere.

SF E-Rickshaw batteries are revolutionising not just the automotive battery market but the e-rickshaw battery and three wheeler battery market as well. The key features being that it is bottom anchored with more power for more load carrying capability and comes with warranty.

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